Newbie here... I have the following login choices for our players. They can login with Login1 and be able to choose the desired ID number.
They can log in with Login2 which allow choice of ID number but does not open the desired version of the playroom which is Room
I would like to incorporate the ID# variable into login2 and be able to open "Room" with the corresponding ID#. Currently, "Room" opens with ID#1 due to the "&prof_id=chat_pf_1" that is the tailend of the urls referenced in the coding. The only way I can think of doing this is to incorporate the variable into the login - but I would also have to have it passed to the "Room" bottom frame so that it will open with the desired ID#.
I hope I explained this correctly. In case anyone is wondering, this "Room" is a Yahoo pool room which our players need to be able to enter even when its declared as "full" by Yahoo.
Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. TY!