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Thread: Thread error

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    Mar 2003

    Thread error

    I keep getting an error with the thread constructor in java. Here's the basic of what I have in the 'faulty' program.

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.net.*;
    import java.applet.*

    public class WordSearch extends Applet{

    Thread th;

    public void init() {

    public void start(){
    th = new Thread (this);

    public void run(){

    public void paint(Graphics g){

    and....for some odd reason...here is the error I get.

    WordSearch/WordSearch.java [13:1] cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : constructor Thread (WordSearch)
    location: class java.lang.Thread
    th = new Thread (this);
    1 error
    Errors compiling WordSearch.

    Does anyone know why its doing this? A similar error I've had before, without changing anything, had something to do with APIs and compiling with -deprecation.

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    Feb 2004
    the Thread class cannot take an object of type WordSearch into any of its constructors... It's an oddly-worded error message, but it is not an odd message.

    Thread has a constructor that takes Runnable objects, and to PROVE to the compiler that your WordSearch is capable if behaving like a Runnable, it MUST "implements Runnable"

    Runnable mandates that a run() method be provided, which you have indeed done.. but it isnt enough that you just write void run(){}.. See what i mean?

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    and ihe's like "i dont care, if you dont have your license, i cannot accept anything else as proof that you can drive a car"

    the compiler is saying "if you cannot implements Runnable, i cannot accept anything else as proof that this object is capable of existing in its own thread..


    hope that helps..
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    Mar 2003
    yeah, thanks!

    I just added the 'implements Runnable', which I accidently overlooked when copying elements from a program, and it stopped the error and run.

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