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Thread: Steps to deploy

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    Unhappy Steps to deploy


    Pardon if this seems silly but I don't have the big picture.

    I have a project I created using Eclipse. In my java file I import the Xerces parser to do some xml work...

    when I save the file it is compiled no problem and when I run this class file from the system that has xerces installed on it it works fine..

    The Problem: I want to run this on a different machine. I know for a fact the there is no xerces parser installed.

    So my question is what steps do I take to build a java application that I can compile and copy to another machine that only has the JRE and still have it running successfully...

    Is there a way of putting the xerces jar file with my class file..? must I import from a different place then..?

    Many thanks
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    you may either (choose one):

    extract the xerces jar and place the folder within into your main folder app, then jar your app up (this method is discouraged)

    supply the user with both jars, plus information on how to add the xerces jar to the classpath so that the user may just run your program by doubleclicking the jar

    add the line
    Class_Path: xerces.jar
    into your jar file manifest, and then build an installer (winrar self extracter will be fine) that puts both jars in the same directory. your jar is doubleclicked to run


    you cannot put xerces.jar inside your jar

    for a full discussion read entire thread of JAR Tutorial, found in my signature
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