how to install the postgres driver for java

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Thread: how to install the postgres driver for java

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    May 2004

    how to install the postgres driver for java

    can someone tell me step by step how can i make my postgres driver work with java in my machine?
    keeps giving me class not found exception and i can't make it work
    i already have the jar file...

    please be very specific...

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    Feb 2004
    Did you add the jar to your classpath?

    I found this link that seems to be exactly what you want. Hope this helps

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    May 2004
    which command do i use to do that?

    my jar file is in C:\Driver.jar
    inside the .jar is the org\postgresql\Driver.class

    how do i set up my classpath for that?

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    Feb 2004
    There are two ways that I know of. The first is from the command prompt, but I can't remember how to do that myself as i've never used it. The other way is through control panel (this may only be available in later version of windows).

    Go to start/control panel/ on the Advanced tab, then the Environment Variables button near the bottom. This will pop up a screen with a list of various environment variables that programs are using. One of them will be CLASSPATH, so click on that and click edit. Add a semi-colon to the end if there isn't already one and then add the path to the jar (obviously leaving whats already there unaltered). That should do it

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