Hi everyone,

I have a question hopes to be resolved.

I'm currently working on Tomcat server side security management using MS access database instead of mysql/oracle/etc. I have came across informations that databases such as mysql requires certain driver *.jar that needed to be placed into common/lib dir in tomcat inorder for the JDBCRealm to work.

Can anyone advice me on how exactly JDBCRealm works with MS access? Does it need any driver or just set through the control panel - DSN setting for driver? Do we need to downloand any MS Access .jar file to be placed in Tomcat common/lib dir?

I would appreciate if anyone happens to do the task of JDBCRealm with MS access database to advise me on the steps to succesfully setting up the security login for different users/roles. As i have tried to search through websites regarding informations on the "JDBCRealm using MS access database", i have none or zero results related to my doubts instead, i find most of helps focus on JDBCRealm using MySQL db/ Oracle Db.

I thank you anyone who view this thread.