Sorry to be asking so many question on the boards, but this project seems to be continually going way outside any of my Java experiences, and I can never find much help on Google.

Imagine if you will that you want to use the Rows of a table instead of the columns of a table to be sorting throught the data. So I have set up a Row heading with a panel aligned all the rows in the table so they line up. BUT here is the problem that i am having

1) the data is not all available at the time the table is built, it is all dynamically gotten while the program is running.
2) Each column is made up of 3 String field and 2 booleans that I would like to be rendered as JCheckboxes. All the examples that I have found will only create whole columns of the same rendering.

Anyone ever had a problem with this .. or have a solution to be able to display a JCheckbox inside a JTable ?

thanks all