Java Swing - Designer Tool needed!!

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Thread: Java Swing - Designer Tool needed!!

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    Java Swing - Designer Tool needed!!


    I'm looking for a tool to draw Swing forms with some key features.

    - I want the tool to be as user friendly and stable as possible
    - I need to have some kind of MVC code generated. This means that the main Swing code is generated in a class, but stubs for events are created so that I can implement all GUI logic in a subclass.
    - I don't want to use non javax classes
    - I want to be able to use the design tool and have "custom" widgets of mine which will be subclasses of javax buttons, lists, etc.

    One good tool I found is uicompiler. This ties tightly to QTDesigner from Trolltech. This designer is great and very easy to use. It generates a XML file that uicompiler turns into Java Swing code. The problem is that it uses a special layout manager that is not Java swing standard. And it's also difficult to have special widgets of mine (I would have to code in C++).
    One other neat tool I found is "Swing Designer" for Eclipse.... but it's much harder to create a good looking GUI... but this one does all I need. And it ties itself to eclipse.

    So, is there another tool I'm missing ?



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    I use the JBuilder X
    it's a great tool to build ur Frames and i am sure that
    it has all that you need

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    I recommend NetBeans. It is free and it allows for modification of swing and awt as well as a whole host of options for just about every component and layout. It has some minor issues with code generation, but nothing that is not easily fixed.

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