Hi everyone, newbie here. I don't have too much experience with Java, but can write simple programs. I was just wondering if someone could help me to figure out how to do this:

I want to be able to run a .exe file (that I can pass parameters to) from an intranet page. The .exe (lmutil.exe to be specific) is for displaying license file information for various software and can be run locally but I want to let users to be able to run it from an intranet site.

Now, I know there are security issues with this and that browers do not permit .exe's from running. I was wondering how to go about doing this.

I was thinking that I could write a java applet that would run the .exe file on the server and then output the information on a web page and display it to the user. Is it possible to write a java applet that would run an executable? Is this a reasonable approach to this problem?

Thanks in advance.