Hi, I'm programming an application for my company which requires that my JApplet create an instance of a JFrame. I have both the applet and frame completed, but I can't figure out how to get the JApplet to become notifed when the instance of JFrame is closed by the user...

I tried putting a listener on the JFrame, but I couldn't figure out how to look for when the JFrame was closed by the user.
Another method I tried was setting the focus on the JFrame to freeze operation of the Applet until the Frame lost focus, but I couldn't get that to work..

Any Suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

here is my code which creates the JFrame in the applet...
(QuadCharts is a JFrame)

QuadCharts quadFrm = new QuadCharts(slideName, chartNames);

ideally, after I call show, i wan't the JApplet to stop and waith for the JFrame to close, in order to perform a set of operations when the Frame has completed its tasks.