Hey guys, ive been working on this applet for awhile and I can't get it.

I need to an applet that reads five numbers (each between 1 and 30). For each number read, it should draw a line containing that number of adjacent asterisks. For example, if input the number seven, it should print *******.

I have this but im not sure what kind of control structure to use that will check to see if the number is in 1-30 parameter and to loop to print out the "*"'s.


import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.Graphics;

public class L5a1 extends JApplet{
    int  num1,
 public void init()
 String one,

 one =  JOptionPane.showInputDialog ( "Enter first number, 1-30 please:" );

  //converts string to integer
  num1 = Integer.parseInt(one);


 public void paint ( Graphics g )
 	for (num1=1; num1 > a; num1++)
 		g.drawString ( "*", num1, 10);

Theres only 1 structure in for simplicty. Im not sure what to use for the the check on the 1-30 either. I need some real help on this one, i know what i want to do but don't know how to do it...