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    Unhappy Java Servlet API class

    I downloaded the Java Servlet API Class from the Java website. After I unzipped the file, i found some files in a directory named javax. Now where exactly must i place this directory and how to include it in my classpath. What must be the path and where must i place it. I'm a newbie to servlets, so plz help me. thanx in advance

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    dont unzip the jar.. just put it somewhere, and add the full class of it to the classpath. as an example, i installed the mail api jars so i could send emails. here's my classpath:

    CLASSPATH=c:\j2sdk1.4.2_03\jre\lib\rt.jar;c:\javamail1.3.1\mail.jar;c:\jaf1.0.2\activation .jar;.

    if it appears to contain a few spaces.. trust me, it doesnt (the board software inserts spaces for blocks of text more than X characters wthout a space)

    note that you will need a servlet container like catalina (tomcat 5) to run servlets
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