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Thread: java usb api

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    Jul 2004

    java usb api

    Does anybody know how to implement the usb api. i downloaded the files for java usb api. but i dont know where should i store this files in order to type command like "import javax.usb.*" Morever is there any alternative approach to get the data out of the usb. any help will be greatly appreciated. I have been pointed to links before but links do not have explanation for how to and where to store this files and how to implement them. I found a website which talks about similar stuff..



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    Hi jnkansara,
    If you want to add classes to be imported, you can put the file wherever you like, just set your CLASSPATH to point to these files aswell.
    NB. if they are seperate .class files point CLASSPATH to the directory containing them but if it is a .jar file (JavaARchive) then the CLASSPATH must point to the directory above the one containing the .jar file.

    Hope this helps you.
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    java usb api

    Hi, I searched for javax usb package on website and found an api package. Isnt that suppose to have .class files than? if i need to point my class path to those directories. I dont know i have this files downloaded from this website and it says that this is the api package. Is there a difference between api packages and javax.usb package. Sorry for the confusion.
    this is the link


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    Jul 2004
    Hi, jnkansara.
    Just downloaded the file, it is a zip file.
    Unzip the file to your harddisk. This does not seem to contain .class files, it contains the sourcecode! So if you look in the directory: javax-usb-1.0.0-beta2\src\javax\usb you will find all the .java files. These still need to be compiled into .class files.
    I have noticed that this also contains CVS files etc. searched a little bit and found out that CVS is Quote: "CVS is a "Source Control" or "Revision Control" tool designed to keep track of source changes made by groups of developers working on the same files, allowing them to stay in sync with each other as each individual chooses."
    Also as far as I know API stands for Application Program interface. Quote: "API (Application Program Interface) is a set of predefined Windows functions used to control the appearance and behavior of every Windows element (from the outlook of the desktop window to the allocation of memory for a new process). Every user action causes the execution of several or more API function telling Windows what's happened."

    So just look through the .java files and see what you need.
    Good luck!
    I think, therefore I am....... I think.

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