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    Main Class not found problem

    I just made a jar file from an application/applet(it can be run either way) that I wrote. I followed all of the directions on the tutorial in cjards signature. The class that runs my program is called Runner, so in my manifest file I put Main-Class: Runner and then I pressed enter. I typed in jar cvfm SPX.jar mf.txt Saterasoft/ and it made the jar file. When I double click on the jar file, a pop up window informs me that the Main Class cannot be found. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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    read the tutorial more closely.. you called the JAR command from the wronf directory, and as a resukr your jar file is messed up inside

    i,e, there is a very big dufference between these :

    c:\java\FINAL\> jar cvfm ..\MYAPP.jar ..\mf.txt .
    c:\java\>jar cvfm MYAPP.jar mf.txt FINAL/
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    The problem I had with the tutorial is that when I tried to use the jar command in the Final\App folder , I got the error that jar was not a recognized command so I attempted to do it from the java folder and I keep getting that error.

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