Hey all -

I want to know if it's possible to validate an html form and then log the data to a text file in tab delimited format. I have a form setup for use at a trade show in a kiosk and I need users to be able to fill out the form and have their data appended to one text file which can then be imported into my client's database. I've heard that this can be done clientside without running a webserver locally, but I have Apache setup on my machine and can go through the localhost if I need to. Clientside would be nice because then the IT guys who are going to implement this will only have to set it up to run in a browser and not install a bunch of extra apps. Is this possible? And how do I script such a thing? I'm new to scripting and can edit scripts that make sense to me, but not write them from scratch or anything. I'm basically a somewhat saavy designer who does web stuff part-time. Any help would be much appreciated.