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    Jul 2004

    Making a Package class problem...

    im trying to creat a savingsAccount class and its suppose to have a method that caluculates monthly interest and a modify interest rate method that sets the annual interest rate to a new value.

    heres what it says
    Create class SavingsAccount. Use a static class variable to store the annualInterestRate for all account holders. Each object of the class contains a private instance variable savingsBalance indicating the amount the saver currently has on deposit. Provide mehtod calculateMonthlyInterest to calculate the monthly interest by multiplying the savingsBalance by annualInterestRate divided by 12; this interest should be added to savingsBalance. Provide a static method modifyInterestRate that sets the annualInterestRate to a new value. Write a driver program to test class SavingsAccount. Instantiate two savingsAccount objects, saver1 and saver2, with balances of $2000.00 and $3000.00, respectively. Set annualInterestRate to 4%, then calculate the monthly interest and print the new balances for each of the savers. Then set the anualInterestRate to 5% and calculate the next month's interest and print the new balances for each of the savers.

    then I have to write a test program to see how it runs:

    I think i need to use set and get methods for the modify annual interest rate method.
    i have this for the savings account class but i know im far off from the finished product, can anyone help me out?

    package java.SavingsAccount;
    import java.text.DecimalFormat;
    import java.util.Locale;
    public class SavingsAccount extends Object{
    	private int savingsBalance; //amount saver has on deposit 
    	private static double annualInterestRate;
    	public void setMonthlyInterestRate(double annualInterestRate)
    	public static double getModifyInterestRate()
    		return annualInterestRate;
    			public int calculateMonthlyInterest(savingsBalance)
    				savingsBalance= (savingsBalance * annualInterestRate)/ 12;

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    Feb 2004
    extensively covered by dlorde, on codeguru
    The 6th edict:
    "A thing of reference thing can hold either a null thing or a thing to any thing whose thing is assignment compatible with the thing of the thing" - ArchAngel, www.dictionary.com et al.
    JAR tutorial GridBag tutorial Inherited Shapes Inheritance? String.split(); FTP?

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