Java Web Start, JavaScript and the JWS application

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Thread: Java Web Start, JavaScript and the JWS application

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    Angry Java Web Start, JavaScript and the JWS application

    Hey people, stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment, i'm using java web start to deploy 2 apps over our local intranet at work.

    The problem is theres alot of mac users and alot of pc users, so i want to be able to offer people a Mac build (with mac specific things going on) and another build for everything else, the reason for this being that i'll be able to provide things like menu bar along the normal osx menu bar, and better osx support.

    I've got an index.html that redirects the person to either win.html or mac.html depending on their operating system, this works everywhere, except in the Web Start app itself, does anyone know of an easier/better way to do this?

    if anyone could point in the right direction for this one it'd be VERY helpful.

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    have just one program.. and check the contents of the property:

    if osName.indexOf("windows") > 0){
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