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    Aug 2004

    Java 2d graphic repaint()

    HI i have a problem with my program.
    I need to pass the value from the textfield which is from the ValueInput.java to reflect into the tabbedpane of my LineGraph.java which i think is to repaint() as the LineGraph.java contain a graphic g component.
    But I failed to do that.
    The value of the LineGraph is predefine in the PMGraph2.java.

    please advice on how to pass or parse the value to the LineGraph.java
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    Feb 2004
    you make little sense.. surely the LineGraph has a string variable that you can set with some text, and the next time the graph is painted, it uses that text? you dont pass anything using Graphics g.. its not designed for inter-class communication
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    Aug 2004
    The predefined param is set in the PMGraph2.java. When the program is compiled and run, the values is reflected in the LineGraph.java(tabbedPane)
    But i cater another tabbedpane(ValueInput.java) for user to enter the param into the textfield and pass to the LineGraph to be reflected n updated or repaint in the LineGraph.java.
    I just seem unable to do that.
    i still new to java.
    pls Advice... Any help or modification to the code will be greatly appreciated......

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