I've just started using Microsoft Visual J++ and I have a problem regarding its use. It is regarding the jdk version that Visual J++ (version 6.0) uses. I want to use the String class methods split() among others that are part of the java.util.regex.* package but the version of Visual J++ I have does not recognise these packages. When I import just java.util.* I get the error "'split' is not a method of class String (J0235)", whereas whan I include the java.util.regex.* package I get the error "Undefined package java.util.regex (J0051)". When I was not using the Visual J++ environment and just javac from the commandline I got the same problem, until I updated my jdk from 1.3 to 1.4 so that's why I think the problem lies with the jdk that Visual J++ is using (however I really don't know my way around Visual J++ yet so I could be totally wrong!!). Could anyone let me know why I'm getting this problem and how I might solve it. Thanks very much.