Well, i am very new to java and am taking a computer science course at my school. for our first project we where asked to create a very simple code that took the users birthdate input (month date, year [format]). Then it took that birthdate and broke it up using strings, displaying the users month of birth date of birth and year of birth into a message box.

My problem is that i got everything to work except for when it shows the user Date of birth, for me it always adds the , year next to the date and everything i have tried yas lead me into complier errors or not done the desired results

well here is my code can anyone help me fix the problem?

/* Author: Arsalan Modjbafan
* Due date: 08-25-04
* Lab #: Lab 2A
* File: Birthday.Java
* The Lab2A class will bring up an input box that asks for a users birth date
* Then uses that information to show them a message spliting up the Month Day and Year

import javax.swing.*;

public class Birthday {

public static void main( String[] args) {

JFrame lab2A;

lab2A = new JFrame();

lab2A.setTitle("Lab 2A");

String month, day, year, birthday;

birthday = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(lab2A,
"Enter birth date in the format Month Day, Year\nFor example: August 25, 2004");

month = birthday.substring(0, birthday.indexOf(" "));

day = birthday.substring(birthday.indexOf(" ") + 1);

year = birthday.substring(birthday.indexOf(", ") + 1);

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(lab2A, "Month: " + month + "\nDay: " + day + "\nYear: " + year);