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    Aug 2004

    Rollover images (newbie)

    Hi all
    We are new to this so pls be patient
    We need to have an image change on mouse over , its a tin can and the lid pops off on mouse over , our design app ( net objects ) provides a roll over function but the images ( j-pegs ) open and closed look kinda fuzzy, we think it may convert to a gif ! , is there a script that will do this with the hi rez j-pegs? also the images need to be a link to other pages on the same site.



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    well this is a java forum, not a JScript forum. You might not get a good reply here.

    However I do know how to make an image act as a link.
    You do it exactly the same was as you would with text. You have the <img href="youImage"> tag, and you surround it with an anchor tag.

    <a href = "yourNewPage"><img href="yourImage"></a>

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    Jul 2004
    Yeah, this isnīt really a Java question but it could also be due to the reason that if you have a "height" and/or "width" inside the <img> tag, it may distort the image if the ratio is different. Most browsers donīt handle scaling images down/up very well. My suggestion would be to change the images to the right size first and then bind them into the <img> tag without any size constraints and it will show perfectly.
    If you need some software to change the images, try "irfan view" which is a really goo program to optimize images for the web.
    I think, therefore I am....... I think.

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    Thumbs up This may Help You...

    I am Rakesh From India. To remove the filkker while loading the image you should try MediaTracker Class in java.awt package. It actually loads the image totally to the memory before it gets displayed and the filkker gets eleminated. Try this.

    Hope You got the answer...
    ... Rakesh
    ... Rakesh.A

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    I don't think they are using Java sri_rocky. It sounds to me like they're using web pages and javascript, so they can't use Media Tracker

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