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    Mar 2004

    HTML support (for java)

    I think I heard or saw before that Java has a class that can read html code. Much like how iTunes uses an XML scripted file to maintain its database, I want to do a similar thing in my program using the html support. Anyone point me in a direction here?

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    Aug 2004
    i forgot what they are called, but java can read variables in the htmlcode.
    ie. you can have a set code and change it on a per webpage setting

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    Mar 2004
    I think I was making this too difficult. The html document, when viewed in a browser, would show a list of all the songs(artist, title, etc..) in the user's database. That same file would be used by the program to know what songs are available and what they are. Since its rather short and simple html syntax, I could probably just write my own simple parser, so long as the user doesn't feel the need to edit the html file and add other tags i have supported.

    I found a snippet that parses a Netscape Bookmarks file, and loads it into a JTree. I think I can work this out. But if anyone has further info, dont let this stop you from posting.

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