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Thread: Multiple Frames

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    Sep 2004

    Multiple Frames

    Hi all

    I'm trying to build an application where the main buttons remain on one frame and a new

    (internal)frame shows or loads within the application when one is clicked. In this frame

    there might be some input boxes where data is entered and the "next" button is clicked which

    will take to another set of functions or just show a confirmation message.

    I'm not sure I'm explaining this right so i'll just show a sketch.


    I'm using Netbeans IDE to build the GUI using swing and am new to this. I would like to know the best

    way to do this, I mean by using several internal frames or any other way.

    Thanks in advance

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    Mar 2004
    The class you want to look at is JInternalFrame.

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    Sep 2004
    Is there a way to do this without internal frames? I have to use a lot of internal frames if I use them which means the code might get too bulky. Is there a way I can create another frame class and load it inside a panel or something which is in the main frame?


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    Aug 2004
    bulky code doesn't really matter as long as it does what you want it to do.
    As long as you make sure you add comments properly the bulkiness will be neatened up.

    Can't say much about the adding frame classes to panels sorry, (im still trying to get my head around making a game of scrabble without all that stuff)

    What will the application do if you don't mind me asking?
    If you do, too bad cause i've already asked

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