validation in java

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Thread: validation in java

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    validation in java

    I am newbie in java I need some help in validation in java...

    surname = b.readLine();
    if (surname != null && surname != surname1)
    then fileOut.write(surname, 0, surname.length());//write in file
    else System.out.println(" exisiting users or no users");

    for example, I am creating a new customer, so I try to read and write input...when I try to validate for the customer name,i am searching whether if the same person exist...

    how do they know that I am trying to refer my surname 1 as the existing value in text file?Any suggestion or ideas to enlighten me?

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    you cannot compare strings using !=

    you must usethe following:

    The 6th edict:
    "A thing of reference thing can hold either a null thing or a thing to any thing whose thing is assignment compatible with the thing of the thing" - ArchAngel, et al.
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