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    Sep 2004

    HELP : understanding site navigation applet : HELP


    BEST REGARDS java pros


    i'd like to preface this question by saying that i am extremely unfamiliar with JAVAscripts and Applets, but i have recently been trying to better understand how to apply them into my site design.

    QUESTION : : : : : : : : :

    i used an applet CEREBELLUMIMAGE
    found at - http://www.javabase.fsnet.co.uk/Cere...llumImage.html

    i would like to know if i would be able to modify this applet?

    i am hoping to build a heirarchy that has more than 2 LEVELS, how can i do that in the HTML?

    Like all javabase applets, the menu options are specified using the following formats:
    For an unlinked option or tree node

    For a link to be opened in the same frame

    For new frame

    how could i structure the code to add more levels of nodes?

    is there a way to add a paragraph formatting TAG that would allow me to display the NAME as a body of text?

    i know these questions may be a bit difficult and specific; but i feel that since i am new to JAVA i simply do not know how to properly ask for help...

    DOES ANYONE know if there
    is a better/easier way to make
    a similar interface???

    PLEASE look at this sample link:::

    this is the page i am working on to see how i might use this applet
    again please let me know if i would
    be able to customize it or find another
    way to accomplish the same layout.


    best regards


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    Sep 2004
    Well it looks like you might be confusing this applet with some kind of browser scripting ability.

    This applet is designed to do very specific things given a very specific list of parameters (although in the world of applets it sure takes a lot of parameters).

    So you cannot do things that are outside the design of this applet. If it only allows for 2 levels of hierarchy you will essentially have to redesign the code of the applet itself in order to modify that.

    I have no familiarity with this one in particular I just know that applets are programs that accept parameters (not scripts) and are designed to do very specific tasks. If they do not have the functionality you want you would have to redesign the applet itself.

    I think the fact that it takes so many parameters gives one the idea that it can be made to do anything, but it is not that complex unfortunately.

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