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    Oct 2004

    which applets would work on computers without JVM 2 installed?

    hi everyone,

    i tried to find this answer also in this forum, and even though i'm pretty sure it must have been asked like a 1000 times i do apologize if i bore by asking again... i just couldn't find any real response to this.

    basically, i just downloaded the 1.4.2 SDK and started some programming. i'm a programmer in other languages, so i'm just getting used to the synthax more than anything else.

    now, the very simple applet (hellowordish kinda thing) did work in the IDE, however it did not run in Internet Explorer. i know i'm using the correct applet/html code since it was downloaded from a respectable tutorial site.

    browsing around i found that to run applets from the SDK 1.4.2. i need to install the JVM v2 of microsoft, that otherwise won't work in IE.


    1. is this true?
    2. i need to develop a small applet which will run on the maximum number of computers without them installing anything. i see that, for instance, this applet does work on my PC which has version 1.1.4 from Microsoft Corp. according to Java Tester. what should i do? should i get earlier versions of java? is there another way?

    i need to know this before i can actually get into real java programming, to see if this can actually fit my scope.

    thank you all in advance, sincerely,


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    Sep 2004
    Utilizing the java api documentation. When you are coding just make sure you use classes that show up as "Since: JDK1.0" in the java doc (1.0,1.1, whatever your goal is).

    That means they will have been around longer and will be more compatible with older systems.

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    Oct 2004
    hi philwx,

    thank you for your response.

    i was using a very basic:
    System.out.println("Hello World!");
    which i believe to be compatible with all versions... maybe do you need to specify to build the applet according to version 1.xx? is there a way to do so?

    thank you,


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    Sep 2004
    A couple of things:

    Microsoft has gotten out of the virtual machine business. They have completely left it up to Sun to supply them. Although you can still find their JVM, it is not really recommended that you use it. They are hoping to compete with the JVM with .NET technology. Here is an article about that (the fact that Sun makes the only viable JVM nowadays):


    Anyway, System.out.println does not produce output in an applet. So the question arises whether you are using the proper format for an applet (which is a very different format than an application.)

    System.out.println sends text to the console, which will do absolutely nothing in an applet. Hello world applets consist more of drawing a text area and adding text to it then they do of printing commands.

    There are many very good tutorials on applets, some at this site I believe. Let us know if you have more questions.

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    Oct 2004
    thank you again philwx,

    i definitely will look into this asap then, i must have misunderstood then.



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