I have a JOptionPane that pops up and asks the user to enter a filename.

i need help with Two questions:

1) my JOptionPane:

String inputValue = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Please input fileame (including extension)");
filename = inputValue;

passes the entered filename to my global variable "filename". This variable (filename) is used to paint the image onto a JIcon:

ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(filename);
JLabel background = new JLabel(icon);

What do i need to do to get the loaded image update? Ithough i would just be able to do a :


but it doesnt work because it only ever calls the:

this.getContentPane().add(mapPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER);

once. So how do i get it to repaint the whole frame again? this time including the newly updated filename???

2)What do i need to do to add browse functionality to the JOptionPane???