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Thread: DJScroller

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    Nov 2004


    I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm very attached to my scroller applet that sits on my homepage at the fun site http://www.fatjack.co.uk/drink All the script requires is a “DJScroller.class” file, an archive “DJFiles.zip” file and a configuration “tengine.txt” loaded to the same directory as the calling html.

    I'm now producing a site at http://www.flynnsbeefarm.co.uk/ for a friend and want to install the applet on the "relaxation CDs" page. Got it working nicely locally I then uploaded all the relevant files only to get the "load: class DJScroller not found" error when viewing live.

    To test the html I uploaded the flynns page to the drink web to see if it would call the .class and .zip file that reside there. It did.

    So I re-uploaded the applet files and tried again no go. I carefully checked filenames & cases, uploaded all to the root directory - no go. Tried to contact the author of the script but the link is dead - tried javaboutique FAQ - no help but I did download a fresh batch of files in case of corruption.

    I have tried uploading in ASCII as well as (the recommended) binary.
    I have tried allowing all permissions to the files.
    I have tried changing the directory.
    I have tried uploading the bare html script in case another page element was interfering with it.

    I've spent 24 hours on a silly scroller that I don't even know that I want on the site - but you know what its like - just can’t stand defeat after all this effort.

    Please help if you can, all suggestions gratefully received.

    Bet it's something silly

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    Sep 2004
    Bad link.

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    Nov 2004
    sorry, have now edited the post please try again

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