Hi all,

I am trying to run some Java RMI Components on a remote client. I downloaded some private Java API to do this, I have a difficulty in creating a handle for this process as I need to store the process as an object in an Hashtable so that I will be able to destroy the process in future.

Below is the code for the above process

String fullLocn = "//" +dsmlocation + ".cs.iupui.edu:"+temp.toString()+"/DomainSecurityManager";
String fullreg = "rmiregistry "+portNo;
String cmd1 = "rmiregistry " + portNo;
String cmd2 = "java -Djava.security.policy=policy DomainSecurityManager "+dsmlocation + " "+portNo;

Ftp test = new Ftp(host, user, pwd);
System.out.println("connected to host"+host);
test.issueCommand("cmd1");//to run the RMI components on remote host

FTP is the Private API to connect to a remote host and I need an handle to the command so that I can store them in an hashtable as below

RegistryList.put(fullreg, p);
DSMprocessList.put(fullLocn, p1);

where registryList and DSMprocessList are Hashtables.

Hope someone can help me out