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Thread: Save Command?

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    Sep 2004

    Question Save Command?

    If I create a button in a Applet, Named "Save" for example. How do I save the applet that is shown to the user. How Do I save the Data in the APplet, I cannot figure this out, I've been given the option to use printwriter, But I have no idea even how to start to use the print writer function. I need some help, Can anyone give me examples of how a save button would work?

    I know code would be something that this for the button, Have no idea how to save though, Would I use action performed, Another Method, need some help, never have done this before. Thanks

    private int button = new button "Save";



    ActionPeformed method ?????

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    Feb 2004
    Well if you were using an application it would be easy, but with applets I think there are security restrictions. You can't normally access the clients computer to read or write files.

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    Oct 2004
    mike is right, from within an app[let, it is usually impossible top save data to the local machine (or access any other local resources). There is a way around this however, you'll need to sign your applet. I read somewhere on how that's done, but I can't remember the url. You should be able to find it on google though.

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    I figured it out

    I figured it out guys, I just created a method named go, Then I created a fildialog box, and then figured out how to save it from there, and then just called method go in actionperformed with an if statement

    public void go2() {
    Frame window = new Frame();
    FileDialog df = new FileDialog(window,"Save",FileDialog.SAVE);
    String fname = df.getFile();
    System.out.println("File is Saved: " + fil);


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