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Thread: Documents

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    Oct 2004

    Question Documents

    Hi everyone,

    I have two weird questions but bear with me for a while.

    The first question is about the printing of a styled document using the printable interface. i am using windows 98 and using the windows page format and print dialog. I have managed to print all the contents of the document using the windows print dialog but when i try to print a selected portion of the styled document(windows print dialog has an option of printing selected pages) always only the first page is printed.

    This is what i did in my print method

    public void printData()
    //This is the main printing function that prints out the document
              PrinterJob prnJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
              PageFormat format = prnJob.pageDialog(prnJob.defaultPage());
              prnJob.setPrintable(new RTFRenderer(), format);
    if (prnJob.printDialog() == false)
    //The below command line prints out the document if the user clicked Ok
             prnJob.print( );
    catch (PrinterException e)
           System.out.println("An error has occured");
    RTFRenderer is an external class where i implemented the printable interface

    My next question is about the html document i have in a JTextPane and its printing functionality works on all java sdks(ie.1.1 - 1.4.2)
    but when i compile my program under java sdk 1.5 update 1 only the text is printed but all the images are not printed but this is not the case on the other java sdks(ie.1.1 - 1.4.2). I find this rather weird.

    I was thinking i was doing something wrong in both my questions so i downloaded a third party package called Document Renderer at www.fawcette.com but still had the same results.

    I also went to manning website(www.manning.com) where they had a swing book with a chapter(Chapter22) on printing and i used the examples there to do the printing but i still got the same results.

    Has anyone ever encountered this before. Could anyone point me to a tutorial or an open source package in which i can print the contents of the JTextPane if it contains either a styled document or HTML document.

    I also went to sun's website and could not find out if both my problems is a bug or not and i hope someone can help me with this problem. Please note that no exceptions were thrown in both my problems.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Yours Sincerely

    Richard West

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    Oct 2004


    Hi everyone,

    No one has ever experienced this before

    Yours Sincerely

    Richard West
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