Hi All,

I'm having an issue regarding reading of reference cursor values in java. When I'm trying to read the values in resultset from the ref cursor,I'm getting "Fail to convert to internal representation error" . I'm calling a procedure which is returning a reference cursor.Here's the code :

cStt = conn.prepareCall("{call Labview_Ph4_Report_Qry.get_contact_info_new(?,?)}") ;
cStt.registerOutParameter(1,OracleTypes.CURSOR) ;
cStt.registerOutParameter(2,OracleTypes.VARCHAR) ;
cStt.execute() ;
if("OK".equals(cStt.getString(2)) == false)
return lcReturnValue ;
// rSet = (ResultSet)cStt.getObject(1) ;
rSet = ((OracleCallableStatement)cStt).getCursor(1);
if(rSet != null)
Logwriter.write(rSet.getString(1)+", "+rSet.getString(2));

When I'm trying to print the values from resultset within the loop, the error is coming up.

Any pointers on this will be higly appreciated.