ok so im making a Calculator..and i got the graphic part..and id ont know how to do the math..
i got 2 files one for the graphic..and the other for the math..for like the caluction
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class Calculatorsgui extends Frame implements WindowListener
protected Button plus, subract, times, divide, exitButton;
protected TextField input1, input2, answer;
private Calculatorsgui controller;

public Calculatorsgui ()
setTitle ("Calculator"); // Set the frame's name

setLayout (new FlowLayout (FlowLayout.CENTER));

setSize (180, 180); // Set the frame's size

// SimpleController is a class that handles the button clicks
CalculatorsController controller = new CalculatorsController (this);

// Adding an empty non-editable text field

Label l = new Label ("Number1");
add ("South", l);

input1 = new TextField (10);
input1.setEditable (true);
add ("Center", input1);

Label a = new Label ("Number2");
add ("South", a);

input2 = new TextField (10);
input2.setEditable (true);
add ("Center", input2);

// add buttons to the frame and connect the controller to it
plus = new Button ("+");
plus.addActionListener (controller);
add (plus);

subract = new Button ("-");
subract.addActionListener (controller);
add (subract);

times = new Button ("*");
times.addActionListener (controller);
add (times);

divide = new Button ("/");
divide.addActionListener (controller);
add (divide);

Label b = new Label ("The Answer");
add ("South", b);

answer = new TextField (10);
answer.setEditable (false);
add ("Center", answer);

exitButton = new Button ("exit");
exitButton.addActionListener (controller);
add (exitButton);

// Make the frame handle window events

addWindowListener (this);

show (); // Show the frame or use setVisible (true)

} // Constructor

public void paint (Graphics g)
// Place the drawing code here
} // paint method

public void windowDeiconified (WindowEvent event)

public void windowIconified (WindowEvent event)

public void windowActivated (WindowEvent event)

public void windowDeactivated (WindowEvent event)

public void windowClosed (WindowEvent event)

public void windowClosing (WindowEvent event)
System.exit (0);

public void windowOpened (WindowEvent event)

public static void main (String[] args)
new Calculatorsgui (); // Create a SimpleExample frame
} // main method

then for my sencond file..i have no idea wat to do!this is wat i got..i need adding..and divide..and subtract

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class CalculatorsController implements ActionListener
Calculatorsgui view;

public CalculatorsController (Calculatorsgui view)
this.view = view;

public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent event)

// You can get the source object of an event

Object source = event.getSource ();

//You can compare the event source with actual objects.

if (source == view.exitButton)
System.exit (0);

so if anyone can do thing for me..u be my hero..no JOKES!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ..im on my knees