reading,sorting,displaying data from a text file

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Thread: reading,sorting,displaying data from a text file

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    Unhappy reading,sorting,displaying data from a text file

    How do i accomplish the task below using java. Please include code.

    Consider a text file which contains a minimum of 20 english sentences one per line. You are required to write a program which will list the first three words which have the highest frequency of use and the three words with the lowest frequency of use. eg. if the words in a text file had the following frequency of use as shown below

    Time table - 4
    security - 2
    projector - 3
    monday - 10
    morning - 7
    classroom - 5
    cleaner - 6
    director - 1
    lecturer - 2
    evening - 8

    the program should produce an output such as:
    Words with highest frequency of use:

    monday 10
    evening 8
    morning 7

    Words with the lowest frequency of use:

    director 1
    lecturer 2
    security 2

    note: the words with the same frequency of use are listed in alphabetical order. Assume that all the words in the text file are in lower case and are seperated by one or more spaces.

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    Maybe if you offer money someone will do it all for you, but you won't learn anything. As I said in the other post, tell us specifically what it is you're having trouble with and someone will help.

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    Check out the static method Collections.sort() and
    the Comparable interface.\, and
    eschew obfuscation

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