Hi there,

I am new to JAAS and I still can not make the server to read and UNDERSTAND my .conf and .policy files.

I wrote a servlet that reads the user/pswd from a form, and I want to check by JAAS if it is a valid pair. I wrote my own LoginModule with all the deatils. I also wrote the .conf file for it, and the .policy file for the class that will perfom the LoginContext creation. Well, the result is a Security exeption - premission to create the LoginContext is not granted. For me this means that there is something wrong with my files or with the reference I add in java.security or something else that I can not see. I made many tests + server restarts.

I am working on Sun Application server + J2EE SDK 1.4.2.
The SecurityManager is ON.

I have never read that hard any manual in my llife as the tutorials that I have + the docs supplied with the server + API spec.... and still nothing!!!

Thanks in advance!!