This program will allow a user to enter Voter information, which will be formatted and tabulated into a final report.

Sample Input and Output:

Enter 4 digit voter number: 1234

Enter Voter Type (Republican = 1, Democrat = 2, Independent = 3): 1

Enter Gender Type (Female = 1, Male = 2): 1

Enter Voter Age: 30

//Then echo data back to user

Voter#1: //the number should go up each time

Voter Number: 1234 Voter Type: 1 Gender Type: 1 Voter Age: 30

Enter another Voter (Y/N): Y //if yes is entered, go back and get another voter

Once N is entered the following report will be printed:

Vote 2000 Statistics

Voters entered in to the system X
Average Voter Age XX

Two methods and one class should be used. Have a method called GetAVoter that collects and echos the data from the user and one called PrintVoterReport that prints the report. You will need to determine how and where to do the counts and totals. Remember that the variable can only hold one value at a time.

Here is the psuedo code that i got.....


2. WRITE: Enter voter number (assuming the voter number is something the user enters, not auto-generated by the program)

3. READ: voterNumber

4. WRITE: Enter voter age

5. READ: voterAge

6. WRITE: Enter voter type

7. READ: voterType

8. WRITE: Enter another voter?

9. IF YES: loop to line 1

10. ELSE: exit loop

11. PRINT: results

I am needing help on how to start writting the program.

Any help would be greatly apperciated.