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Thread: translation problem

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    Exclamation translation problem

    Hello Everyone,
    Can someone please tell me how to get an auto translation tool to translate Java programs from US English to Britain English. From which i can change my entire program to US English or Britain English.

    Any suggestions most welcome…….

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    Jan 2005
    Hello Melissa,

    Your question is a bit vague to me yet I guess you ask for a way to localize your application (i.e. to adapt your application to a specific country). Hopefully, Java provide a simple API to achieve that.

    Briefly, all your application mesages can be stored in plain text files. Each one contains messages in a specific language (us, uk, fr, de...). Using Java internationnalization API (i18n for short), you may then load the one that correspond (the most) to the user's language and use it to display messages through your application.

    Look here for details.

    Hope that helps,
    Lionel Badiou
    CodeFutures -
    Java Code Generation

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