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    2 Questions: license Installation and Speed


    I have two questions, first some background info:

    We are running SQL 2000 on a Windows 2003 server for out aircraft parts database software.

    There are 7 workstations (windows 2000 and XP) that run the parts database.

    4 of those workstations run really fast, the database calls are near instant. but the other 3 identical workstations are incredibly slow. Taking over a minute to load what takes the other workstations less then 2seconds, etc...

    Since each workstation is identical (all XP are the same, all 2K are the same) my first thought was that we didn't have enough SQL CAL licenses for the 7 workstations, thus the 4 licenses we had were allowing some to run fast, but the other 3 were qued up until space became free, or something like that.

    We purchased an additional 3 CAL licenses, but I'm not sure how to install them...

    My first question:

    How do you actually go about installing SQL CAL licenses?
    I went on the MS website, and it says to simply open up the control panel, go into the SQL license Manager, and turn the spinner up to the # of licenses you have.
    Which I did.
    Is that all there is to it?
    I can't imagine you would simply be on your honor to put that spinner to the correct number of licenses.

    Question # 2
    If that IS the correct way to install your licenses...
    It made no difference in the 3 workstations SQL speed.
    Yes I restarted the SQL service after upping the license amount.

    These workstation are the same speed on the network as the "fast" workstations in every other application and when sending files, etc...

    Any help greatly appreciated!
    Take care

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    Cool More Info Needed

    1. Yes, SQL Server licensing is on the Honor system...

    2. You have 7 workstations, mix of Win2K and WinXP. Any affinity for the OS as far as performance goes?

    3. Are ALL the workstations set up identically as far as networking goes? (all domain members of same domain or different, any workstations in Workgroup only?

    4. Networking: Any workstations across subnets? Any routers between workstations and SQL Server? How is Name resolution handled (WINS, DNS, NetBIOS Broadcast)? Can you ping and tracert SQL Server from the slow workstations? is the tracert the same for the slow and fast workstations? Is the hardware ethernet speed the same for all workstations?

    We had an issue just today where some XP workstations were taking a long time to connect to file server and SQL server. Turns out the DNS server had old entries for the IP addresses for the servers. Fixed this, network speed increased orders of magnitude!

    Stephen H. Stubbs
    Software Systems Engineer
    Smith Engineering, LLC

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