Where to put the Database? in a servlet & Tomcat

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Thread: Where to put the Database? in a servlet & Tomcat

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    Where to put the Database? in a servlet & Tomcat

    i'm using Tomcat to run servlets i have a class that deals with generating the HTML, and another that connects to the database and returns a resultSet.

    the code to connect to the database is as follows,
           String sourceURL = new String
           ("jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=IPO.mdb;");
           Connection databaseConnection =
                   DriverManager.getConnection(sourceURL, "admin", "");
    i've used this code on another app, the only thing thats been changed is the database name.

    when running the servlet i get an SQL error about the database not being found, the database is in the project directory that JBuilder created, this worked for the aforementioned application.

    so where would i have to put the database in the tomcat servers directory, for my servletts to be able to read from it?

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    from what I can tell, you are using the jdbc/odbc bridge driver. This means that all you really need is an odbc connection to your database. After this, the location shouldn't really matter.

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