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    How to pass object reference to actionPerformed


    I could not find a way to reach reference of my object in actionPerformed method. Please help me!

    I was trying to create an application like a registration page. It has several Jbuttons, labels, checkboxes, radio buttons etc. When the user selects and presses the submit button, I want to display the information in a textArea.

    I created a class called "User" to store and manipulate some data (with get and set methods)

    Other class "mainFrame" extends the JFrame. In the constructor of this class, I created a new user by User user = new User().

    However, when I tried to reach the reference of this object from ActionPerformed method, it returns null. Here is the sample code.

    class User {

    int salary,
    String zip;


    MainFrame extends JFrame implements ActionListener {

    private JLabel;


    User user = new User();
    . ..
    . .

    public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent event) {
    if ( event.getSource() == submit )
    System.out.println(user); //this RETURNS NULL

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    Post You can't

    If you in your MainFrame class want to refer an object then that objects
    scope must cover the method(s) where you want to reference the object.
    So in your MainFrame class you should do like:
    MainFrame extends JFrame implements ActionListener {
      private JLabel;
      // define the object
      User user=null; // this user can be referenced by all the methods in MainFrame
      public MainFrame () {
        user = new User();  // now create the object
    . ..
    . .
    public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent event) {
      if ( event.getSource() == submit ) {
        System.out.println(user); // not null anymore
    PS: The actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) method is defined by the
    ActionListener interface, and the only parameter is the ActionEvent. If
    you add another parameter then the method signature (its name and
    its parameter types and sequence) is not the ActionListener interface
    implementation. You will get a compile error telling you that you haven't
    implemented the interface.
    eschew obfuscation

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    Thank you very much.

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    hey If you need to access the values in textboxes then create instances of textbox in the class where you are implementing actionlistener. Then you can refer to the value stored some thing like this

    JTextBox temp= new JTextBox();
    here is your actionlistener
    String c= temp.getText();// this will give you values entered in text box
    here replace c by the variable you want.

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