Simple question, forms and javascript!!!!

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Thread: Simple question, forms and javascript!!!!

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    Exclamation Simple question, forms and javascript!!!!

    okay, i have to create a simple search page for an estate eagents, i've created the basic outline of the page and have my input's done, now i need to know, how do i get the info that is input and use it to search thru arrays and find the relevant information.

    What i'm gonna do is create maybe one array, or maybe several arrays with the different house information in it (the info for the house's is built into the array, and doesn't need to be input seperatley), i then want to take the search info entered by the user and use it to display all the relevant houses in a new page, possibly displaying one house at a time until there are no more relevant houses to display.

    i know that using the "search" button i've created the page is getting the info, but i'm pretty stuck... must use javascript! any help would be greatly appreciated, if u have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!!

    Please find attached the source code for my page and the logo (ignore the picture, i will change it, i just used it for size reference)!!!
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