Hi all,

I'm using vb.net and the Visio SDK and I can sucessfully read a visio UML class diagram from a Visio document using COM and interop to access the exposed functionallity of Visio. Retrieving the name and attributes and operations of the class is fairly simple.
My problems start when I try to read the tagged values of the classes and the tagged values of the attributes of the class. One such example is the documentation of the class which can be entered through the properties dialog when right-clicking the class. Actually I find it impossible to read almost all of the values entered from this dialog except from the above mentioned. I have tried iterating through the sections and the cell values of all the shapes that make up the class and even tried the PrintShape add-on to print all the properties of the shape to find where they are stored with no result. Anybody knows how to that? PLEASE HELP!!