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    Question !! Help needed in developing a dictionary !!

    Hey Guys,

    I am currently developing a Dictioanry application in Java from English to my mother-tounge. I have 4 varaibles that i would like to store in a database :

    // These Words are in Unicode English Language.
    1. English Word (enwrd)
    2. English Meaning (enmng)

    // These words are in Unicode Panjabi (pa) language
    3. Panjabi Word (pawrd)
    4. Panjabi Meaning (pamng)

    The trouble i am having is how to store them in some kind of database that i can run the search, add, update functions on. I dont wana use any external database engine (but if there is no other option i have to). Is it possible that i can store it in a text file, but i dont know how to run the functions on it.

    Plz help me

    Navi Sidhu

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    Mar 2005
    One possible solution (file based):
    Read the data from a file into a couple TreeMaps (so they can be sorted). One Map for english, one for Panjabi. Have a third HashMap for the English to Panjabi mapping. Of course, if you have a whole bunch of dictionary entries (> 100k), you may run into some memory limitations ... depending on your local hardware (and the verbosity of your definitions)

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