The Rottman Group has been retained by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
Health System (SCLHS) to find a Senior Database Administrator. SCLHS is
a health system with net revenues of over $1.2 billion, operating expenses
of close to $1 billion, close to 11,000 employees and staffed beds numbering
over 2000. System facilities include ten acute care hospitals, four clinics
and related entities covering four states. They are in the beginning stages
of centralizing their IT system from very autonomous and independent hospital
sites to a national data center based in Kansas City, Kansas.

Utilizing all current and cutting edge technologies, SCLHS recently became
one of the first healthcare systems to use Microsoft SQL on a large-scale
basis, working with 13,000 employees and 1300 users across the country.
Since this is a newly created position, the right person will have the opportunity
to not only further define this role but to create this database from scratch.
This person is coming in at the foundational segment of this venture, making
it ideal for those who would rather build and develop a database using their
own knowledge and creativity rather than maintain and fix someone elseís

SCLHS has chosen Lawson ERP and KRONOS Time & Attendance systems. These
applications are completely web-based and provide an integrated platform
for their accounting, purchasing, and human resources information systems.
Both Lawson and Microsoft have committed to making this groundbreaking effort
successful. There is great likelihood for SCLHS to be showcased in the as
a successful example of Microsoft SQLís readiness for large-scale environments.

The right candidate will have their Bachelorís Degree, although Masterís
degree is preferred, in computer science, information services, business
administration, or a related field. They should have at least three years
experience administering and maintaining Relational Database Management System
Databases (RDBMS) and have experience with backup and recover procedures,
as well as disaster recover methodology in an Enterprise Network. The right
candidate will also have experience in hot and cold backups and disaster
recovery methods and have extensive knowledge in database design, file access
methods, data standards, data control, and security. This person will have
a service-oriented approach and must project maturity, confidence, creativity,
and inspire others to contribute their fullest talents and energy.

This position reports to the Manager of Financial and Administrative Systems.

If you have any interest in exploring this opportunity or know of anyone
that would be a fit, please contact:

Wendy Strout
Executive Consultant
The Rottman Group
501-228-4466, fax