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    Question Need help editing game

    for my programming class we are suppose to find a game on the internet, look at the coding and try to understand the just of it, then edit it and get the modified game to work. i found this game.


    then i traced it back to this site


    and then i viewed its page source to get the java classes to decompile so i could take a look at the code. in the applet tags in the html it showed code for radist.jar so i got a hold of that too.


    i got that all done and i saved all of the class files and jar file to my computer and then i copied and pasted the html applet code into a new html file and tried to run it. the applet ran with the welcome screen showing and asking me to click to continue, but when i click another screen is suppose to appear asking me to press enter. well it doesn't appear so i press enter anyway and then the text for the menu screen shows and the graphics get very weird. i don't know what's wrong with it.

    also in the html applet tags there was 'MAYSCRIPT' included inside of the tag. what does that mean?

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    MAYSCRIPT allows the applet to 'reach' the documents and objects in the html page.
    It is a simple switch, its presence in the APPLET tag is all that is required, plus
    a special Netscape class called JSObject. This one, and its companion exception
    classes are built into IE4.0 and later. Its a part of LiveConnect that was
    introduced by Netscape 3.0, and it supposedly works best in Netscape..

    You will need to add this import to your code:

    import netscape.javascript.*;

    It's part of java 1.4 (and later I suppose....)

    In short it allows the applet to access stuff in the html page, like javaScript does.

    The default for this functionality is 'off'.

    (O'Reilly books are the best )
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    shouldn't it still work though? i downloaded the jar file and classes and didn't edit them and i got it directly from the applet's parent site. which means that if it works on the parent site then it should work on my computer if i don't mess with the code, which i didn't.

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    Nov 2004
    All the code for an applet can consist of many jars,all the code doesn't have to
    be all in the one and only jar file mentioned the applet, does it ? I don't think you can tear out guts like that...
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