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Thread: how to build packed EXEs in VB?

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    Aug 2004

    Lightbulb how to build packed EXEs in VB?

    hi there.

    lets say, i have a BIG, BIG compiled EXE made in VB, but somehow, i want it to be smaller (lets suppose i went onto debuggin it, and makin an xtern library its useless)... how do i compress the file, and at same time, allow it to execute its original code?...

    why am i askin this?... well, i've seen files (mostly games) that have been built on VB, and somehow they are compressed, but they show the propper EXE info (company, original exe name, build...) but the size its pretty small (and theres no xtern libraries either)...

    i've been askin around, and someone told me theres a packin method with somethin called UPX or somethin like that...

    so, i'd like to know, how to use that and all the stuff related to it!... i mean, do i have to include some code into my original code for that to happen?... is it an xtern program?... what?.

    thx in advance for your help... lets hope you can understand what im talkin about.



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    Feb 2004
    Sydney, Australia
    For reliability and ease of use, IMHO it is hard to beat WinZip - one of the best investments we ever made (to register). You can create self-extracting files that can be sent to users, who need no WinZip for themselves. Can include password protection, your own icon, your co. info etc. Hope this helps.

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    Aug 2004
    maybe i didnt xplain quite well myself...
    im lookin for a way to distribute my exe packed... then, when someone wants to use my application, (s)he will run the exe (which its packed already) and then, the program will start runnin flawlessly (even tho, it unpacked itself already) and the user wont notice it ... so, the user will be convinced that the exe file of my app its pretty small, but actually its only compressed!...

    i think i made myself a lil more clear... lets hope someone understands what am i lookin for...

    now... Winzip IMHO has been beaten BIG time already by many tools... i use Winrar most of the time, but i've been tempted by 7-Zip which uses to give more compression ratios from time to time.

    anyways, thx for ur reply.

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    Aug 2004
    found myself the answer...

    all i needed was to use the UPX program, so i can pack my exe file after compiling, and even tho its compressed, worx about the same than the original one. ... now i have a file which its 80% smaller than the original one was, with about the same performance.


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