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Thread: Dataset, XML, XSL

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    Dataset, XML, XSL

    I have two users that want to download data fromthe web site. I can get the dataset ffrom the database no problem but I have a situation where the users my want to see it in a special format.

    User A Example


    USer B Example


    New user some completely different format.

    The users get to specifiy a format for delivery of data.

    I do not want to have to build classes for every new format that is downloaded.

    This seems like a good place for xsl converting data from a xml format to a new format.

    The xsl Template would be created for each new client and the link would be linked to that template.

    Can this be done client side where I pass the dataset to the aspx page and upon rendering it processes it and prompts for download. This would be great for saving resources on the server.

    Or can I do it server side, get a string and response.write that.

    What we are currently doing is

    1. Get Dataset of search results
    2. Create Client Specific Class
    3. Pass Dataset to client specific class
    4. return Strig in client specific format.
    5. Response.write string to client for download.

    Works fine for clients 1 to 5 but trying to keep track of more than that is to difficult.

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    You could do it either client or server-side, but you should be aware that if you do the transformation on the client side, you're providing *all* the columns to the client machine, and they could potentially see the data. So if you don't want them to be able to see the unneeded columns, you should perform the transformation on the server and send only the columns you want. I should think it would be easier to change the query that selects the database columns based on the client--selecting specific columns in a specific order for particular clients--than to use XSLT to filter the full result set. In addition, selecting only the columns you need would reduce the server resource requirements--but either way would work.
    A. Russell Jones,
    Executive Editor,

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    The clients need all the columns I am outputting and we are not outputting any primary keys or items that they cannot see. the format has to be approved. I would like to try it through the client could you point me to an example of the formatting on the client side.

    Thank you

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