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    Jan 2005

    Suggestions for practice projects?

    I'm after some suggestions for some basic practice projects. I'm at the basics stage, and know a little bit of GUI, but that's it so far.

    Any ideas would be appreciated - mine all seem to revolve around similar things, so I'm after some different ideas so I can nail this down before I move on.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Mar 2005
    UK, London
    Hi there what kind of basic java skills do you have. Im a starter to with the basic's im looking for a small project to do. I was thinking about a small phone book program, but im still learning so im not sure if I can do it. if you want we can share idea's. I've been a vb6 programmer for a few years now i want to start learning java properly like i know vb. I have my own forum, so you can come and fine me there, My user names Syed, it would be nice to have a java programmer in my forum as every one else is mainly vb, not many users though, I just set the forum up. the site is www.codeyourself.com .

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    Jan 2005
    Hi, thanks for the response. Basically I'm new to allp rogramming, and I've covered the real basics - general OOP, classes, methods, objects etc, as well as putting together small simple apps. I've also got limited experience with GUI, but I need a lot of practice on that before I feel comfortable. I'd say I've got as far as hashtables and vectors etc but I'm leaving that until I've had a bit more practice with the rest though

    I'd love to share some ideas - I've got a pretty good basic project that I've just done based on a Bank Account, so I'll let you have that to have a look at. Swapping ideas sounds great - I'll check out your forum

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