Can anyone advise me on why I can't get the following code to loop? I'm trying to get continuous calculation until the variable amount = 0.
I will work out display params after I get the loop to work. I'm new to Java, but not coding. This is a simple program so there's probably a simple answer.
My thanks to anyone willing to teach me.

import java.text.*;

class Wk3
    public static void main (String[] arguments)    //create main
        int term = 30;                              //init var for length of loan
        double amount = 200000;                        //init var for loan amt
        double pmt = 0;                             //init var for payment
        double rate = .0575;                        //init var for interest rate
        double rateMo = 0;                          //init var for monthly interest paid        
            rate = (rate/12);                       //divide annual rate to get monthly rate
            term = (term * 12);                     //multiply years to get length in months            
            pmt= (amount * (rate)) / (1-Math.pow(1 + rate, - term));    //compute payment
                if (amount > 0)                         //run if counter >0
                    java.text.DecimalFormat dec = new java.text.DecimalFormat(",###.00");               //format next output to dollars.cents
                    System.out.println("\nThis months payment is $" + dec.format (pmt));                //display payment
                    System.out.println ("\nYour loan balance is $" + dec.format (amount));              //display loan amt
                    System.out.println("\nThis months interest is $" + dec.format (amount * (rate )));  //montly interest payment
                amount -=  pmt;