scoreboard applet ??

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Thread: scoreboard applet ??

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    scoreboard applet ??

    hello iam looking for a scoreboard type apllet for my high school leauge sports site. i have the java playground applet but there url is on the page and its impossible to take it off so we want to buy a registration with out it and the email keeps coming back does anyone know this jack at java playground or does any one have a free applet for sports scores on a text file like the java playgrund that we can register and not have the huge url and a link showing we are not aloud to have links plus the normal high school visitors will not know what a applet is except for lunch lol please write at thanks

    a nice led or lcd sports score board that we can upload to daily...

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    You colud have an applet that always reads a formatted results-file stored on the
    server and displays it properly on the web.
    Then you would just have to upload/overwrite that file when new results comes in.

    If this is whar you want, and if you can't find any suitable freebies on the web I could
    have a look at it for you, but then you would have to specify what you want.
    eschew obfuscation

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