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    Unhappy Accessing files on network share

    Gidday, I have an urgent need to be able to access file from my OC4J web server that are located on a network share.

    I have attempted to use a library called jCifs which would be ideal, except it requires http protocol to be enabled so that you can use a URL based syntax for addressing the file. Unfortunately my client internal network does not allow http protocols.

    Does anybody out there know of any other open source java libraries for accessing files that does not require http protocol? Ideally i'd like to be able to authenticate against the server, and then open a connection using that authentication and a UNC path.

    I could have just done a lazy "net use" but that is not transportable and I cannot tie the application down to a particular O/S.

    Thanks muchly in advance,


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    Nov 2003
    I've used jCIFS. I don't know what you mean when you say it "requires http protocol to be enabled". It doesn't use the HTTP protocol. Sure, it uses URLs, but so do many applications (e.g. FTP) that don't use HTTP.

    It is designed to access files on remote Windows servers, although since it is written in Java it can run on any system where Java is supported. I don't know whether that limits your application to a particular O/S or not; it does limit your application to being able to connect only to servers that are (or can mimic) Windows servers.

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    Mar 2005
    Hi there, i'm not real sure I understand myself. Our network guys said that while smb protocol was supported the http style addressing (i.e.
    smb://domain;uidwd@server/share) would not work without the http network protocol enabled.

    I wondered if it was used in the URL translation or something. Anyway it doesn't work on our network. I can create an ntlmauthentication object on the server with my domain account, but when i try and use a file i/o operation I get an exception that it failed to negotiate the protocol.

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